A Michigan Beekeeper


A beekeeper with a goal to be as natural/organic as possible while helping the bees to survive.

Starting off with two Top Bar Hives and every year adding a few Langstroth Hives for a total of 20 Hives Currently.

Honey is only taken from the hives after the bees have their stores for winter. All about the bees!

I prefer the bees to store more than enough to get through the winter because I feel I cannot supplement them as well as they do themselves.

I do feed Sugar Syrup when I do not have honey supers (boxes) on. Usually early spring to help out new splits or in fall to build up hives before winter.

I do treat for Mites as I feel it is needed for bees to survive. I’m always open to new ideas. Constantly learning new things about these amazing creatures. I enjoy going to classes and reading lots of books and articles. I don’t trust everything on the internet… I have seen false information. Also, different climates require different things. Always consider the source.


I normally have localized reaction (swelling & itching). However, after being stung in the face I had a systemic reaction/anaphylactic shock. My face began to swell, I immediately took Benadryl. My palms began to itch and then my soles of feet began to itch. I got really hot and my stomach was in knots. I took another dose of Benadryl and a cold shower, my body was on fire. My heart was beating uncontrolable and I felt sick like I was going to pass out. I controlled my breathing lowered my head below my heart. My stomach hurt much like food poisoning. I wanted to rip my own guts out. I would say the stomach pain was the worst part. After going to an Allergist and now having to have an epi-pen on hand. Hearing all the risks and told I should have went to the hospital and the seriousness of systemic reaction/anaphylactic shock. I have been stung since with only localized reaction. I am now very aware of the risks and symptoms of systemic reaction/anaphylactic shock. The number of stings doesn’t make you more immune it puts you more at risk for your body to suddenly reject the bee venom as a foreign matter. This can happen at any time no matter how many stings you have received. Please educate yourself on systemic shock / anaphylactic shock.




Susan Fhaner


A beekeeper with a goal to be as natural/organic as possible while helping the bees to survive.

I enjoy educating others about the fascinating things about Bees and Mentoring New Beeks (Beekeepers).

A Bachelors in Education. 3 Group Minor in Math/Science, Elementary Education, Physical Education. Currently working in Accounting. And also teach Line Dancing.

I have Horses, Honeybees, Cats, Chickens, Guinea Fowl, Turkeys, Peafowl, Ducks, Geese, & Koi.

Country Girl that enjoys nature.

I like the challenges that come with beekeeping. To make educated decisions you have to have a knowledge base and I enjoy reading and learning about bees. So Fascinating!! They are amazing little creatures.

Not for the faint of Heart. Need to be calm even while be stung.

“The Queen Bee can sting multiple times”

Interested in BEEKEEPING

Rewarding, Time Consuming, Nature, Costly, Problem Solving, Sweet


Beekeeping is NOT having bees in a box in your yard.

Beekeeping is understanding these complicated yet simple creatures. It can be time consuming, hot, painful stings, heavy lifting, everything is sticky, panic to find a queen, able to identify diseases, learn and learn more about mites, the bees make your schedule… forget summer vacation, costly hobby, don’t plan on getting honey for about 3 years unless we have a very good season, It is not a money making hobby unless you go commercial with it and that is a whole different ball of wax.

Beekeeping is REWARDING. Honey Bees are Fascinating little creatures. There is a lot to learn and keep learning. There is many different Techniques out there and what may work for me may not work for you. It is about educating yourself and trial and error.

I recommend planting a variety of nectar and pollen producing flowers & trees that bloom a different times throughout the season. Read, Read, & Read some more. The more information you have the more successful you will be. Be open to lots of ideas and be logical as to what works for you.