We Create Natural  Products with the Bees Help

We want the Queen Bee Apiary Honey Booth to be an experience, a place to Emerge Yourself in the World of Bees, to Explore & Learn about the wonders of these fascinating creatures. 

Pursue Excellence

Raw Honey straight from the hive strained through three filters.

Bees are our first concern. We make sure to leave them enough honey for their stores for the winter before extracting honey.

Products are made from natural high quality ingredients.

We enjoy educating people on these fascinating creatures!



To Save the Bees & other Pollinators.

Profits from sales get put back into bees from new hives, plants, flowers, mite treatments, educational materials, etc.

To Educate Public on Bees, Pesticides, Chemicals, and Improving Enviromental Condition.

Plant a Variety of Flowers!


To be open minded and do the best for the bees.



Plants for Optimal Bee Nutrition



We never use pesticides or chemicals.

We educate ourselves on plants we plant and like to pass on information to the public.

Some plants produce nector, some produce pollen, some produce both. Bees need both.

Different Plants provide different nutrition.

Best to plant a variety!

Also, consider bloom time. Have flowers that bloom at different times to always provide bees food.

Bees also need water. Small dish that has some traction or rocks/marbles in water so bees do not drown. Plastic floating lily pad works good for bees to land on a grab a drink.






Queen Bee Magnesium Lotion

Available in 2 sizes. Made from High Quality Ingredients to get the best benefits.

Great for sore muscles, achy joints, restful sleep, heart health, headache prevention, sugar regulation, improves mood, bone health, cognitive processing, muscle spasms, & muscle cramps.


Honey SOap


HOney Soap

Moisturizing, Rinses Clean, Natural

Honey Soap


Beeswax Balm Tins


Great for cuts, scrapes, dry, cracked, chapped, chafed skin.

Beeswax Balm Twist Sticks


Great for feet application!

Easy way to pamper feet!

Beeswax Balm Mini Stick

Same great formula in a mini stick. 

Great for taking with you!

Queen Bee Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

Raw Honey whipped to a creamy perfection! Amazing on toast, english muffins, oatmeal and on many other foods.



Honey Dippers/Suckers

Great alone or in Hot Tea!

Comb Honey

Comb & Honey taken directly out of hive.

Yes, the wax is edible. Eat it plain or slice it and smear it on toast.




Queen Bee Apiary

Raw Honey

Products made with Wax & Honey from the Hive

Live Bees

Bee Related Items

A buzzin’ experience